380V To 220V/200V Converter

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Three-phase 380V to 220V / 200V LITANDA transformer manufactured by Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company. We are the ONLY unit in the market producing 3-phase transformers with 100% copper wire.

>>> Buy biến áp 3 pha 380V/ 220V to convert from 380V 3 phases to 220V/200V 3 phases!

380V to 220V/200V convert

Three-phase transformers have the main effect of converting three-phase power from 380V to 220V according to foreign standards such as Japan, USA, Taiwan and Korea….

Factories, enterprises, especially foreign-invested FDI enterprises use a lot of imported machinery. These machines, if not used with the transformer, can not work.

Below is a picture of a three-phase transformer 380V / 220V capacity of 100KVA which Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company has provided for many enterprises concentrated in industrial parks:

Máy biến áp 50KVA 3 pha STANDA

3 phases transformer

Some three-phase electrical appliances do not use 220V power but use 200V power. Therefore, Litanda Vietnam has integrated these two outputs on the transformer.

Therefore, our customers only need to use our transformer which is easy to use for both voltage standards. A limiting point of a transformer is the unstable voltage. The output voltage will vary in proportion to the input voltage.

It is therefore recommended that customers in voltage areas use a voltage regulator. The stand-alone 3-phase voltage stabilizer includes both output voltage stability and voltage variation, with three parallel outputs. This is the choice many companies choose over the transformer.

Litanda Vietnam JSC is currently the leading manufacturer of three-phase transformers in the Vietnamese market, both automatic and isolated transformers. Our difference is that the product is manufactured with 100% pure copper wire.


Therefore, the LITANDA transformer is very durable, quiet, no vibration, no load low load electricity … The product warranty up to 04 years.

Litanda Vietnam is a big partner supplying three phase power transformers, three phase transformers for many enterprises, especially in industrial parks and export processing zones in the North.

With high quality, reasonable price, good service …., we are increasingly asserted its position in the industry.

Contact :

Litanda Vietnam Joint Stock Company
No. 629 Phuc Dien – Nam Tu Liem – Hanoi
Hotline: 0987 621 590
Website: https://standavietnam.net/
Email: onapstandavietnam@gmail.com

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